Ditchfield Soils Ltd. is a Winnipeg landscape supply company that has been in business for over 35 years. We offer professional quality landscape supplies to Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

    Ditchfield Soils Ltd. offers professional quality soil mixtures for gardens, lawns and flowerbeds. We also carry a wide variety of other landscape supplies for all your landscaping needs, including a variety of riverstone & granite rock, limestone, wood mulch, sand, landscape fabric and edging.

    Ditchfield Soils Ltd. is also proud to be an Authorized Re-seller for Borgert Pavers. Borgert Pavers are top quality pavers. Borgert Pavers are extremely resistant to weathering by using the finest ingredients available. Borgert Pavers are made with granite aggregates. Due to granites famous strength, hardness, and eternity, materials made with granite aggregates have a reputation for being virtually indestructible. Borgert Pavers will provide you with a lifetime of quality design in landscape.

    Ditchfield Soils Ltd. delivers to Winnipeg and surrounding areas. You can also pick up your supplies from us at our 2929 Sturgeon Road location. For our contact information and directions to our location, please visit our Contact Us page.

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